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Attention Iowa females (or persons who know Iowa females):

Just like Meg did last year, Planned Parenthood is offering Free IUDs again. As copied from their website:

"Free long-acting reversible contraception!
Worry free and easy long-acting reversible birth control can help you plan your family and your future. Call 1.800.230.PLAN (7526) by September 30 to make an appointment for your FREE IUD or Implanon."

If I remember right from Meg, it's "Free" as in they bill your insurance, and whatever they don't pay, PP will pay the rest. So a copay or deductable or something might apply, but it won't be the normal ~$600.

Here's a link to their website.

Here's a link to PP's website about IUDs. Meg has Mirena, the plastic one that slowly leeches hormones and lasts 5 years.

Meg loves hers, so if you're sick of trying to remember to take a pill everyday, or considering starting on Birth Control, I'd recommend checking it out. Meg would be a better person to ask questions to, though.
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I don't know if anyone still has me on their friend's list, since I haven't posted in a long time, but if anyone sees this, HI! *waves*

So I'm in a big dilema here. On the one hand, I like T-Mobile and the awesome plan I have. On the other hand, I need my phone to work where I live.

I just moved across town, and my apartment complex is a deadzone for T-Mobile. I can get 1 bar right outside my landlord's office, but when I go towards my apt I lose all signal. I've been on the phone with them, and they put in a ticket to send an engineer out to my place and I have to wait 72hours. Ugh.

I'm not sure what to expect though. I doubt that the engineer will miraculously have a solution for me, and if they say "Well WE didn't have any problems" then what do I do? I hope I'll still have grounds to cancel my contract w/o penalty.

Instead of doing all this, I should probably just flat out tell them I want to cancel because of coverage issues, but I dunno if that'll work or not. And like I said, I like my phone/plan so I don't want to switch if I don't have to.

Hopefully things get worked out.
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Writer's Block: Your Username

Why did you choose your user name? Is there any special meaning or story behind it?

It's really stupid, actually.

When I moved to college, the guys I hung out with already had a Rich in the group. So they decided that my name would be Phil for the rest of the year. Then one day someone being a dumbass (possibly drunk) said something to the effect of "Phil? Like PHILYCHEESE STEAK!?! AHAHAHA". I just rolled my eyes and told myself it's better than "Rich? CAN I CALL YOU DICK!?! AHAHAHA I'M SO ORIGINAL", which I get all the time. So philycheese shortened to philychez.

I like it because it's never taken when i register places :)
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Well the caucuses are over, and although I'm not surprised, I am dissapointed. Huckabee won the Republicans with 34%, with Romney at 25%, Thompson/McCain at 13%, and Paul pulling only 10%. I initially had some high hopes, because Paul took ~50% of all the votes in my voting room, but that didn't pan out statewide.

Democratic looked more interesting, with Obama winning with 37%, Edwards/Clinton in a tight race around 30%, and no one else getting more than 2%.

I will still hold out for a while, and see how Paul does in New Hampshire and the rest of the Primaries, but if this trend continues I will have to switch tickets again and find a new candidate. Probably 3rd party.
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So we've been having some severe problems with the internet. Horrible download speeds, horrible lag spikes, making it almost unusable. So I troubleshoot a bit, reset modem/router, reset computer, nothing. Do some speed tests, I'm getting about 300Kbps. I should be getting between 7000-8000Kbps. That's not even 0.5%. So I regretfully called Mediacomm technical support. I actually got a nice guy who didn't try to talk down to me when I said the service was bad. Did some speed tests for him, he went "Huh." He did some pings of my modem, 10% PACKET LOSS. No wonder!

So we have a tech coming out Wednesday to take a look.

I think we may have a squirrel problem :/

Until then, atleast we can use the landlords slower (but faster than what we're getting now!) internet.

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Hmm... so I'm switching my E-mail over to GMail from IAState, and I don't know if I'm backwards but I'm used to filtering incoming mail into folders for easy sorting (and a cleaner inbox). So, LJ comment notifications would be sent to a folder, Facebook spam to a different, etc etc. GMail doesn't do that; it puts all your mail into your Inbox and applies "Labels" to them for easy sorting. I guess it'll just take some getting used to, and a bit more work keeping my inbox clean.

WoW Patch 2.3 today should be lots of fun! Good stuff for everyone, from Zul'Aman to guild banks to lots of class fixes and Azeroth overhaul. Lots of fun stuff to play with :)

Not much happening other than that. Working, playing WoW, and spending time with Meg is what I do. Which I am very happy with.

Oh, and for those of you like Ping Chan and Meg didn't tell anyone: We're back together. Have been since September sometime (don't make me remember dates).

Anyhew, time to shower and get ready for the day. Comment on this so I can test out my new GMail filtering and whatnot :D
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"Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said 'Good Bye!' and you were like 'NO WAI!' and I then I was all 'We pretended we were going to murder you'. That was great." -GLaDOS


Also, I downloaded GCF Scape and can access the sound files individually. So if anyone wants one of the quotes as a ringtone or something, just let me know. Or for fun Window's themes. :)
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Image below the cut to save your friends page. Look at the GIF and tell me which direction (clockwise or counterclockwise, looking from the top) the sillouette is turning.

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