September 26th, 2008

Dancing Bunny

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Attention Iowa females (or persons who know Iowa females):

Just like Meg did last year, Planned Parenthood is offering Free IUDs again. As copied from their website:

"Free long-acting reversible contraception!
Worry free and easy long-acting reversible birth control can help you plan your family and your future. Call 1.800.230.PLAN (7526) by September 30 to make an appointment for your FREE IUD or Implanon."

If I remember right from Meg, it's "Free" as in they bill your insurance, and whatever they don't pay, PP will pay the rest. So a copay or deductable or something might apply, but it won't be the normal ~$600.

Here's a link to their website.

Here's a link to PP's website about IUDs. Meg has Mirena, the plastic one that slowly leeches hormones and lasts 5 years.

Meg loves hers, so if you're sick of trying to remember to take a pill everyday, or considering starting on Birth Control, I'd recommend checking it out. Meg would be a better person to ask questions to, though.