philychez (philychez) wrote,

So we've been having some severe problems with the internet. Horrible download speeds, horrible lag spikes, making it almost unusable. So I troubleshoot a bit, reset modem/router, reset computer, nothing. Do some speed tests, I'm getting about 300Kbps. I should be getting between 7000-8000Kbps. That's not even 0.5%. So I regretfully called Mediacomm technical support. I actually got a nice guy who didn't try to talk down to me when I said the service was bad. Did some speed tests for him, he went "Huh." He did some pings of my modem, 10% PACKET LOSS. No wonder!

So we have a tech coming out Wednesday to take a look.

I think we may have a squirrel problem :/

Until then, atleast we can use the landlords slower (but faster than what we're getting now!) internet.

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