philychez (philychez) wrote,

I don't know if anyone still has me on their friend's list, since I haven't posted in a long time, but if anyone sees this, HI! *waves*

So I'm in a big dilema here. On the one hand, I like T-Mobile and the awesome plan I have. On the other hand, I need my phone to work where I live.

I just moved across town, and my apartment complex is a deadzone for T-Mobile. I can get 1 bar right outside my landlord's office, but when I go towards my apt I lose all signal. I've been on the phone with them, and they put in a ticket to send an engineer out to my place and I have to wait 72hours. Ugh.

I'm not sure what to expect though. I doubt that the engineer will miraculously have a solution for me, and if they say "Well WE didn't have any problems" then what do I do? I hope I'll still have grounds to cancel my contract w/o penalty.

Instead of doing all this, I should probably just flat out tell them I want to cancel because of coverage issues, but I dunno if that'll work or not. And like I said, I like my phone/plan so I don't want to switch if I don't have to.

Hopefully things get worked out.
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